SafeSmart’s Mangawhai Beach Stairs Turn 17

SafeSmart’s Mangawhai Beach Stairs Turn 17

And They Don’t Look a Day Over 1


The locality of Mangawhai in New Zealand encompasses Mangawhai Harbour and the townships of Mangawhai and Mangawhai Heads.

The eastern Northland locality also features a beautiful beach that fills up with locals, tourists and backpackers in the summer months. In 2000, one popular point of the beach was identified by Kaipara District Council as an imminent approaching danger, with the deterioration of the timber access stairs – rails and treads were beginning to rot and split, and the overall integrity of the structure was finally giving in to the influence of typical seaside elements – harsh wind, salt and sun.

New Zealand makers of portable access equipment, stairs, bridges and platforms, SafeSmart Access , were commissioned by the council to design and implement a new solution that would withstand the elements as well as provide safe, effective and compliant access to the beach. SafeSmart’s representatives went to the site, assessed the environment and took specifications for what would be an extremely effective set of stairs that would strike the perfect balance between practicality and an aesthetic blend into the surrounding area.

And since 2000, the stairs have granted beach access to many thousands of people – today, they are still in amazing condition. Thanks to marine grade materials and super-professionally-welded joints to keep moisture out of box sections and tubes, the stairs show almost no signs of corrosion, even around the lowest treads, which occasionally get submerged in sand and salt.

SafeSmart’s Jeff Wearmouth says that the council has been extremely impressed with SafeSmart’s work.
“We have successfully implemented something that contributes to the area,” says Jeff. “And our fussiness over where we source our aluminium for manufacturing is the key to our products’ longevity. This is no exception.”

Importantly, SafeSmart Access and their many global branches, understand regulatory compliance codes in every region they supply to. The beach stairs at Mangawhai are compliant with NZ building codes for height access and stairs. Many timber products, which still stand on beaches around the world, are not.

Enquiries about replacing non-compliant timber with a longer-term solution? Get in touch with SafeSmart Access New Zealand now.


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